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Big Canoe Paddle & Portage

Hillsborough River to Tracadie Bay

As part of the Glenaladale Festival and 250th Anniversary, we will be tracing Elsitkuk, now commonly known as the Hillsborough River, once an important "highway" established by the Mi’kmaq communities and used by early European settlers –including those who came to Glenaladale in 1772. The river was traveled by canoe to the inland section of Tracadie where a portage route can still be found connecting to the North Shore at Tracadie Bay! An important reminder of our shared histories and remaining geographic remnant that highlights the importance of the waterways that connected us across this Island.
Our Big Canoe Paddlers Group will begin Saturday July 2nd at the Queen Charlotte Armoury in Charlottetown, paddle approximately 20 km to the portage takeout below Scotchfort. From there, the portage is about 3 km, up the Blooming Point Rd to Glenaladale where we will camp overnight.  The next day, we put in to Tracadie Bay to paddle out to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 
If you are interested in joining us for either or both legs of the paddle, fill out this form and get it back to us.  We will have space for up to 14 people in two 26 ft Voyageur Canoes.  Paddle Canada certified Big Canoe Leaders will be in the boats and provide instruction and all paddling equipment.  There will be a practice session for all participants in June (TBA) which will be mandatory.  A small fee will apply for each person (TBA) to defray our costs.  Camping gear, food, and transportation will be the responsibility of participants.  All participants will be required to sign a Paddle Canada waiver.  Anyone under 18 years of age will require the signature of a parent or guardian.  
Prior paddling experience and comfort on open water is an asset.  All Paddle Canada safety requirements will be mandatory while on the water.  Our practice session will familiarize participants with safety procedures and big canoe paddling techniques.  The first leg of this event will require sustained physical exertion over a significant distance.  The second part, on Tracadie Bay, will involve less distance and can be adjusted easily to suit the paddlers' preferences.
We will look at sign up on this form on a first come, first served basis.  This promises to be a great experience combined with the host of activities taking place on-site at Glenaladale!
Contact Information:  Rob Redmond   & Philip Pierlot

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