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Community Talks

A great series of lectures and conversations all about Glenaladale, Community, History, and so much more!

Talks & Book Launches: Past Events

'Miss Nelly' MacDonald 
with Catherine MacDonald


Saturday, June 25 @ 4:30pm

Best-Laid Planned Scottish Settlements: Portree, New Glenaladale and Belfast
with Dr. Marc J. MacDonald

Flower Bouquets

Sunday, June 26th @ 4:30

The Value of a River: Culture, Natural History , Transportation, Industry and Having Fun on the Hillsborough
with Dan McAskill


Saturday, July 2nd @ 4:30pm

Forgotten Father: Andrew A. Macdonald and the Island's Scots Catholic Aristocracy 
with Dr. Ed MacDonald


Tuseday, June 28th @ 4:30

Talks & Book Launches: Past Events

Glenaladale Festival and the Community


January 5, 2016

Remarks on the Significance of Captain John Macdonald 
with Ken MacKinnon

Flower Bouquets

Wednesday, June 29th @ 4:30pm

Talks & Book Launches: Past Events
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